Executive Board

Yvonne Gonzalez Duncan, State Director


Yvonne was born in Chicago, IL , her mother was from Aguascalientes, MX and her father was from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She was Miss Mexico of the Midwest for LULAC in Chicago when she was 17 and won a trip to Mexico City. Her mother was an activist and also volunteered for LULAC in Chicago. Yvonne moved to Orange County in 1979 with her family. Yvonne has a BA degree in Behavioral Science. Most recently Yvonne worked for the US House of Representatives as a Federal Grants Manager supporting a Congresswoman in the 46th Congressional District. She worked for over 20 years as a Manager in Head Start, Health Care and as a Program Manager at Long Beach City College as a grant writer and manager in Economic Development / Workforce Development.  She joined Anaheim LULAC in 2005 and was elected California State LULAC Director on April 29, 2018. She previously was Orange County LULAC District 1 Director for 5 years.

Jose Barrera, Deputy State Director


Jose “JB” Barrera is a dreamer born in Michoacán Mexico. He has been a LULAC member advocating for Youth since High School. He previously served on the California LULAC Board as the Director for Young Adults. A recent graduate from the University of California Davis, Jose obtained a Bachelor’s degree  in political science and Spanish. During his school years, he worked for Mercury Public Affairs gaining experience in Public Relations and now focuses his energy on Millennial issues and mentoring Youth Dreamers such as himself. With LULAC he has lobbied for a Clean Dream Act at all levels of government and pledges to continue fighting for Civil Rights through the entirety of his professional career and beyond. During his free time, you can catch JB at the beach kayaking, surfing or with a volleyball.

Luisa Menchaca, State Deputy Director for Seniors


Luisa Menchaca currently is Vice President for the Elderly for California LULAC and President of Sacramento’s Lorenzo Patiño LULAC #2862.  Her work with LULAC has involved voter education and registration, fundraising for scholarships, administration of grants, including an immigration grant, legislative advocacy, and community projects.  Prior to retiring from California’s state service, Luisa served as Chief Counsel for the Assembly Legislative Ethics Committee and General Counsel of the California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).  During her tenure with the FPPC, she also worked in the Enforcement Division. Luisa is a member of ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and Nami (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Luisa is an immigrant from Mexico and has provided pro bono legal services for immigrants.   


Ana Graciela De Castro Maquiz, State Deputy Director for Youth


Ana Graciela De Castro Maquiz was born in Veracruz, Mexico in 1992 but within a few years, Los Angeles, California and the United States became her home at the age of three. At 19, she went to California State University, Sacramento–- a school the seemed a perfect, close enough, distance to venture into a new clean slate. Ana enjoyed college, because she got to learn more about herself as a growing person. Instead of going to Math class, she witnessed her first sit in; instead of only listening she began to voice her opinion. Not surprisingly, Ana was took a great deal of interest in her higher education experience by learning about the professors’ passions and proving that although the university experience was not built with her in mind she would go on to pass all her classes. Ana went on to study abroad in Corvinus University of Budapest, intern at five different agencies including the Social Security Administration, KP Public Affairs, and the League of United Latin American Citizens and graduated with two Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies and Sociology in 2016.Upon graduation she was offered a job as a Public Information Officer at a small school district. She continues to raise her voice, offers her friends advice and is enjoying the process of growing as a human being in society. Ana is currently working on her Masters in Management from Colorado State University. She lives in Hollister, California, enjoys her long-weekend travel destinations and organizing in the community.Ana had been involved with LULAC for almost 10 years. She began her LULAC involvement in San Benito LULAC Youth and later transitioned to San Benito LULAC young adults. She has held local, district and State positions within LULAC.

Vianey Figueroa, Treasurer

Vianey Beatriz Figueroa was born in the city of Cuernavaca, State of Morelos, Mexico. She is a graduate of Colegio Nacional de Educacion Profesional Tecnica with a degree in accounting. She fulfilled her professional internship and tenure of social service in the cities of Zihuatanejo and Acapulco, State of Guerrero, Mexico. In 1985, she relocated to Anaheim, California, and obtained her tax preparer license. She renews her license yearly with the California Tax Education Council. With over 25 years of experience, Ms. Figueroa is the owner of Mission Income Tax, located in the city of Riverside. For her, being a business owner requires hard work but is rewarding. It allows her to create a professional network while maintaining independence. Vianey also manages real estate investments, home purchases, and sales. Her guiding tenet, with clients, friends and in her volunteer work, is honesty and professionalism. She is the proud mother of two successful sons, Alejandro and Ivan Figueroa. She lives in Riverside. Since 2012, she has volunteered with the Inland Empire-based Latino Voter Mobilization Project, coordinating voter registration drives in schools, churches, and public events that are attended by high numbers of Latinos. She embraces her new challenge of being elected as the State Treasurer of the California State LULAC. It is an honor for her, and she cherishes the opportunity to serve her community at the state level.

Viridiana Elizalde, State Deputy Director for Young Adults

Viridiana Elizalde was born in Los Angeles California, but at a very young age her family decided to move down to Riverside County. Her parents encouraged for the Spanish language and the traditions to continue and not to be lost. Her parents taught her and her siblings how to dominate both languages English and Spanish. Thanks to this teaching she is able to communicate and translate with the Hispanic community. Observing some of the injustices going around she became an activist in her early high school years by joining MECHA. Once Miss Elizalde graduated she continued her activism as a Mechista, but later in years she found an organization that suited her and that shared her opinions. For the past 8 years Miss Elizalde has been part of LULAC Riverside 3190 Council. She views LULAC as an opportunity to continue advocacy and leadership for social justice. Early in her life she worked with troubled teens. With her volunteer experiences it led her to discover a passion for Social Work. She earned an A.A. Social and Behavioral Studies and will be continuing her educational goal. Working for Department of Social Services gives her the opportunity to observe the greater need of the people. As a single mother, it is something she approaches with a tremendous sense of the need to demonstrate responsible parenting and leadership. She serves as a role model for her eight-year-old daughter Vividayana Elizalde and to many young girls by showing that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and to never give up. Miss Elizalde is now the President of LULAC of Riverside Council 3190 and the California State Deputy Director for the Young Adults. She also assisted in the making of the Free Annual Health Fair of Riverside. Rain or Shine LULAC of Riverside 3190 Council have provided free dental treatments, eye exams with prescription glasses, medical and much more for the past 8 years. Miss Elizalde states that it is not easy to put this huge event, but that it is worth doing when making a difference for the community.