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Stop Holding DACA hostage

December 29, 2017 California LULAC Opposes Holding DACA Hostage President Trump announced on Friday December 29, 2017 his plan to hold DACA hostage. In exchange for renewal of the DACA program, President Trump wants to build his border wall. This proves once again that the President flat-out lied when he announced he would deal with […]

Against Workplace Discrimination

California LULAC Responds to Increased Discrimination against Immigrants in the Workplace January 2, 2018 The LA Times recently released a shocking news article detailing an increase in discrimination towards immigrants in the workplace. The rise of workplace discrimination in some cases reaches levels that would be considered harassment, if the person being harassed decided to press […]

Position Paper on Impaction

Position Paper on Impaction: By: Kimberly Fuentes, Research Director Dallas Rippy, Chief of Staff As of this writing, over half of all K-12 children in California are Latino. In California we strive for our children to move on to higher education. Education can be the silver bullet for economic mobility, civic engagement, and hope for […]

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California LULAC is committed to connecting with younger generations. Millennials are our future, and we highly encourage all younger people to join our organization and make a difference. California LULAC has several millennials in leadership roles in the organization. Jose Barrera serves as our State Deputy Director for Young Adults. He is a graduate of UC Davis, and serves on our state board and has yet to reach the age of 23. Kimberly Fuentes was recently hired to serve as Research Director, and she has brought a new dynamic force to our State office. She is a recent graduate of CSU Channel Islands, and has firsthand experience on Capitol Hill working in Congressman Lowenthal’s office through the Leon Panetta Congressional Internship Program. Elizabeth Zepeda serves as District Director for California LULAC District 12, her leadership has ushered in many new members in her district and she is an example to district directors around the state. Dallas Rippy has served as Chief of Staff since January 2017 when he was still enrolled at UCLA, and since he graduated he has taken a much more active role in the organization. Our main initiative is to ensure that the Latino/as voice is being heard across various sectors. These young leaders represent the future for California LULAC.